Marathon Diaries weeks 3/4

It has been a busy couple of weeks, and the juggling of creative life versus running life is just like that a game of throwing balls in the air and catching them at the right time! I have been a bit under the weather the last week, suffering with a cold which ultimately hit the day before Southern XC Championships at Parliament Hill, London. My aim for the day was to just get round this tough undulating course in the company of the best runners in the South, so no pressure! I ended up coming in at 217 of a field of 574 so pretty pleased with that considering.

This week is about getting back into the training schedule as I wasn’t able to do as much last week due to racing and the other commitments. I did manage a 10 mile easy run on Sunday this week and the previous was 14 which felt good. This week still with the remnants of the cold/cough and not having the usual energy as when at at full capacity, it’s all about digging in and getting the training done! Some of you know that I have for a number of years suffered with Ulcerative Colitis which as runner is the last thing you need! I have learnt to be resilient in the times of flare ups and as much as it frustrates me, my mantra is I am bigger than UC and it will not beat me! If  any of you suffer with either Crohn’s or UC will know sometimes just getting out the door can be a mission. I am considering setting up a just giving page to raise some funds for Crohn’s and Colitis and will let you know if I decide to do this. Ok will report back next week on how things are going. Got to big up all the other runners I know who are training for various  Marathons coming up and there are plenty of you out there,  I appreciate all the advice and support given.

On another note The Absolute Elsewhere the new Neotropic Album is getting a release date and I will be announcing that shortly!

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