Marathon diaries part II

Here we are again, another week of training over and a new one starting! Last week was a good week, hard work but I felt great, two long runs of 10 and 11 miles, the latter after a tough Sussex Sunday League XC!

Too be honest I can be a bit hit and miss with the races, and I am learning slowly, terrible habit of going out way too fast and then blowing up at the end! Running can play with your mind and I know this all too well! Its not in my case of just putting one foot in front of the other, there’s a whole other aspect that I will need get to grips with over the coming weeks of training. In conversations with seasoned marathon runners there is a whole mental challenge too, and I know I  will have to mentally prepare for it, if I can! I am a pretty resilient person so I would like to think this will help, but you can never be too sure of yourself and I am definitely taking that into consideration every time I step out on those long training runs!

This week the legs felt tierd and at training yesterday the calves were a little sore, so am having a rest today.  I went for my usual Tuesday morning swim  with the 1066 Tri guys, and this is always a good work out, I love swimming and for me its a nice way of mixing up the training programme and great for that lung capacity too!

I had no idea how all consuming this training would be, and I admire those that commit to it, especially folk that have families and full time jobs, how do you do it!

Thats it for this week, heres a couple of pics from the XC at the weekend, before and after.

oh by the way I seem to have been ok with testing the gels out, so far so good!

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