Riz Maslen has been part of the electronic music scene since 1996, being one of the few female producers around to have gained much acclaim for her work. Riz started her career fronting many bands whilst growing up in the West Country moving to London during the heady days of the Rave Scene met and worked with ambient kings Future Sound of London, featuring on many of their albums, and singing on Top of the Pops with their hit “Papua New Guinea”.

She signed to Ninja Tune’s sister label Ntone in 1996, and released three critically acclaimed albums, culminating in a fourth released in 2004 on highly respected U.S. independent label Mush – “White Rabbits”.

During Riz’s career she has toured extensively in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia, where she has played solo shows, more recently with a full band.

The aim of her visual shows is to take the audience on more of a journey than most.  Not only does Riz write and perform the music, she also produces photographic slides and  films as part of her live set-up to create a cinematic, multi-media experience.  Her work is often highly personal and about ‘journeys through life’ of her own.  The visuals and music synchronise to give us a soul-baring glimpse in her experiences, the end result being something, which the audience can hopefully relate to and be moved by.

In 2000 Riz set up her own independent label Council Folk Recordings with long time collaborator Paul Jason Fredericks and has released under the name Frederick and Nina, along with Dose One from Clouddead.

Riz has worked with many artists who have collaborated on many of her music projects including Nick McCabe (The Verve), Low, Kaffe Matthews (sound artist) and Brian Dougans (FSOL). Neotropic also was a runner up in the Peoples Music Awards 2010 in the Off the Beaten Track category.

Her current record label is Architects and Heroes based in Los Angeles.

Sound Work and Installations

Tohan Tales (The Diary Box Pt 1) – 2013
Soundproof a week of explorative sonic art at The Forest, Edinburgh
Departure Lounge – 2013
Soundproof a week of explorative sonic art at The Forest, Edinburgh
Body House –  2012
Chelsea Theatre – Sacred (a season of contemporary performance)
Sound Architecture for performance by Shabnam Shabazi
Deer Girl Website – 2013
Sound design for Meloni Poole’s forthcoming children’s book Deergirl. Composing short pieces and sound scapes for the
ENO Mini Operas – 2012
Picked as one of the 10 composer finalists for this prestigious award.
Erasure – 2012
The artists combine imagery and sound to create an experimental screen based work produced in 2009, which questions the aggressive transformation of areas of East London due to the upcoming Olympics.
Erevos Aether -Pleiades – 2012
Sound design for Anomalous Visuals video installation for fashion label Erevos Aether new collection
Mythical Universe. Based on the seven daughters of Atlas of which the star cluster Pleiades is named.
Dave Pearson – Byzantium and Beyond Exhibition – 2012
Sound Installation inspired by Yeats Poem Sailing To Byzantium

Wet Sounds Tour – 2011 – installs at swimming pools at 7 UK cities. An open to the public event featuring live music by Joel Cahen and including the deep listening gallery featuring new work by selected artists under the theme ReVerse, these are: Daniel Blinkhorn (Au), Jessica Rowland (UK), Julius Holtz (D), Liam Quinn (UK), Philip Mantione (USA), Riz Maslen (UK)

ERASURE – 2009 – Olympic Visions – Nunnery Gallery London  & VIDEOHOLICA INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL 2009, VARN 2nd EDITION

Tilt Exhibition – 2009 – Untilted

London Jazz Festival – 2009 – Southbank Centre


4 Responses to Biography

  1. Nick says:

    I really enjoy “Mr. Brubaker’s Strawberry Alarm Clock”, it has a lovely feel to it, thanks.

  2. pavel says:

    is there a way to see your photos in studio environment? I find it inspiring – the musician among its alchemist tools.

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