Marathon Runner!

2017 is upon us and I am gearing up for my very first marathon, a late starter to this event but one I have wanted to do for some time. In fact I am lucky enough to have a place for London, to say I am apprehensive is an understatement, 26.2 miles seems a hell of a long way both physically and mentally! The most I have ever run in one go is 16 miles which was back in 2014.

I have always run mainly to stay sane if nothing else and for me running has got me through some very tough times in my life so this will be the pinnacle of all my running over the years. I run anything from 20 – 30 miles a week and have been training with a coach over the last year, Terry has definitely got my running to a new level, and I can definitely see that during my training sessions, I just seem to lack a bit of confidence at times when racing which ultimately is down to me and really believing in my ability

I am classed as a veteran runner these days not as young as I once was but feel like someone in their 20’s/30’s most of the time!!. I came back to serious running in my 40’s thanks to Charlie Dark and Run Dem Crew who I know have helped and inspired so many people over the years! Through their community I realised here was something I enjoyed and felt part of something exciting.  I was sad to leave them when I moved away from London, but I kept that spirit with me so I could continue and I did!

I wanted to document this journey over the coming months as my training steps up in preparation for London, the hard work starts now, although I am already doing longer runs once a week, on top of my other training, which includes track, hill reps and off road.

Long runs can be a lonely place, although sometimes I do revel in its solitude just me the road and a great soundtrack! Although sometimes I just want to hear my feet hitting the pavement like a metronome and the soundscapes of the birds and countryside as I run through the lanes of Westfield, Brede or Icklesham!

So here it is the first week of 2017 and as the coming weeks, months pass by I want to share the highs and no doubt the lows of this journey I undertake. The first real training run began on the 1st January, it was miserable, raining and cold! I was a little tierd as I had worked on NYE and didn’t get a lot of sleep. But this was not to deter me, I met up with the rest of the guys running that morning, the fast boys I am going to call them, probably going to be running somewhere in the realm of 6/6.30 min miling over the 12 miles, way too fast for me over that distance, I was more like 7.45/8.00 minute per mile, we left together but it soon became apparent this would be a solo run for me! It was miserable but I actually felt good over the undulating route which took me through Westfield, towards Brede, up Doleham Hill out towards Guestling and finally back along the ridge! I was soaked and cold once I reached the end but happy to have completed the run and felt pretty good, I just now longed for a hot shower and breakfast!

This week will be 10 miles as I am running the East Sussex XC on Saturday! Will keep you posted on things over the coming weeks! stanmoor-park-december-2016

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