Equestrienne Remixes (Architects & Heroes) –  2011

  Equestrienne (CouncilFolk Recordings) – 2010

Whiter Rabbits (CouncilFolk Recordings/Squids Eye) – 2008

Neotropic Prestatyn Ep  (CouncilFolk Recordings/Net31) – 2007

White Rabbits  (Mush Records) – 2004

Sunflower Girl (7” single) (Ntone) – 2002

La Prochaine Fois (Audio visual LP/CD with full-length film) (Ntone) “Inspirational…. A gamut of emotional, feeling music within, detailing love, hate, anger, hope and despair.” (Mixmag) – 2001

Ultra Freaky Orange (Remix EP) (Ntone) – 1999

Mr Brubaker’s Strawberry Alarm Clock (LP) (Ntone) – 1998

Ultimate Sushi – Small Fish With Spine  (LP) (Oxide) – 1997

The Hilltop- Small Fish With Spine  (EP) (R&S) – 1997

15 Levels Of Magnification  (Remix EP) (Ntone) – 1996

15 Levels Of Magnification – (Ntone) – 1995

Laundraphonic – (Ntone) – 1995

Neotropic –  (EP) (Ntone) – 1995


Revere (2011)

The Gluts (2011)

Global Warning Project curated and set up by Jimmy Cauty (2009)

Bonfire Madigan (2009)

Hipnotica (2009)

Papercutz (2008)

Mantronik –Low – DJ Food – Skinny Puppy – Frank Chickens – Fujiya & Miyagi – Sky Cries Mary – Ekko – Mitch Gerber –Ulver –Thread – Alias and Tarsier


18 Responses to Discography

  1. Dave Caldwell says:

    I came across 15 Levels of Magnification back in 2002. At the time I was getting by doing data entry in a soul crushing, 50-hour-per-week job. I am not sure of the specific mental mechanics, but your work gave me safe passage through those years. Thank you.


  2. AdM says:

    Hi Riz!
    Continuing the line of previous Dave comment, I tell you that I came across your music while listening music in pandora.com, and instantly loved it. Along with Jon Hopkins and Ulrich Schnauss, your creations help me to overcome long hours of CAD drawing.
    Keep creating you geniuses 😉

    Greetings from Argentina!

  3. Slawek says:

    It’s been a really a long time since I last heard of Neotropic. White Rabbits was one of my favourite albums back when it was released. I’m really glad that most of your newer work (and the older rarities!) are put on bandcamp – love this site (i’m also releasing my stuff there). There was a time when I was desperatly searching for the High Fiber track from the Ultimate Sushi album (which by the way is superb) and now – voila! I have yet to engross myself into Equestrienne – from what I heard it is much more song-like compared to your previous work. Great to see that you keep your stuff goin despite your health problems. Wishing you all the best.

  4. Eli Bishop says:

    I saw a photo of you in URB many years ago and instantly fell in love. It was so hard to find your stuff with limited online connectivity then. I’m just coming back to your stuff these days and use it to make art to. Let me know if you need any album covers done : ) Cheers in your future work (love all the albums)!

  5. Alex says:

    Hello Riz!
    I bought a 7″ from you in 2003 out in LA after you did a show at a club by Echo Park. I remembering talking to you, saying how bummed that you had been dropped by Ninja Tune.
    Anyway, I had been a fan of yours for years before that. I still even have a couple of your NTone albums on vinyl back at home in Hawaii.
    I was reminded a few days ago of your wonderful sound when I was listening to Low remix album. Fantastic!
    I am glad your health is better, and I hope it continues to do so. Enjoy your trip to the Amazons!


    • Neotropic says:

      Hello Alex
      thanks for you comment…..was lovely to hear from you

      I hope you are well and have a fabulous new year

  6. Was just talking to someone about Beautiful Pool. The intro was from The Dark Crystal, please say yes. Anyways, I’ve always loved that track. Thanks.


  7. Heyoh from Alaska,
    I came across 15 Levels way back around the turn of the century while I lived in Germany. Some random stranger passed me the CD and told me I would love it. I have ever since. I’m glad you’re still in the game, and my young assistant who is also an experimental hip hop producer is in love with the album. Just thought I’d share.

  8. Love the tune ‘Neotropic’ from ’15 Levels of Magnification’. Listening to it for over 10 years.

  9. Martin Legris says:

    could you put 15 levels of magnification on bandcamp for purchase? that’d be awesome. thanks

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