Marathon diaries weeks 5 & 6

Time seems to be flying by 6 weeks into the training! Week 5 was particularly hard the legs were feeling heavy and two long runs in the week were tough going. The 16 miler was particularly hard for me mentally and I think beyond this point it will be a battle of the mind. I am physically fit and strong so the running shouldn’t be a problem, it is learning to overcome that idea of running further than I have ever run before. This is a whole new experience for me and one that is a huge learning curve. My appetite has grown too, I am constantly eating, need to refuel regularly, this is normal I am told and honestly I love it!

Week 6 was much better, the cold that had been lingering had gone and in my training sessions this week I felt strong. With a rest day on Friday, the weekend was all about the Cross Country, the Brooks League and the Sunday East Sussex Sunday League.

First up was Hickstead the final event of the Brooks League, this was a 5 x 1k muddy laps. I ran steady the first few laps, knowing that I was feeling good, I pushed on over the last two laps passing a good few other runners, got to be my best run of the series! So very happy with my achievements over the 4 races. The real stars of the day were the youngsters of the AC, scooping awards both in the team and individual medals.

Then onto Sunday XC league on a new course in Heathfield, a beautiful setting in a park and woodland, with a killer hill right at the end. Knowing I had run well the day before I decided to just run it rather than put pressure on myself. It was a tough undulating course so testing on the legs, but I just went with it and had a good run! Needed to get a few more miles in the legs after the race, so a few of us stayed behind and did another 6 and a bit miles.Legs were definitely feeling it at the end and was glad to get back to the car and head home. A good end to the week and looking forward to my rest day.



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4 Responses to Marathon diaries weeks 5 & 6

  1. I love reading of your exploits! Mixing x-country in with long runs is very impressive. Which marathon are you training for?

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