Two Months

It has been a while since my last post but I have been immersed in setting up my new life by the sea. Trying to find some work to keep me ticking over, and meeting lots of great creative folk. I was a little sceptical with my move here as I felt I would really miss the bright lights of London Town, but in my recent trips back and forth to London I have felt the mass of so many people a little intense and overwhelming. I have so much space here and the air is a lot fresher, but Hastings has it’s fair share of problems just like any other town or city. I am therefor not without my rose tinted specs and I still have those momentary pangs of love for London as the train edges closer on my journeys back, that romantic feeling is often shattered as I step off the train into the mass of bodies. I do miss my friends and my weekly run with Rundem Crew they are my inspiration and hard to live without, but I am adjusting, thank god for technology and the art of communication and social media.

I have been busy as a bee working on many things all at once, but that is often how it is, nothing for a while and then 3 buses come all at once. One of the projects I am currently working on, is an interactive map app in conjunction with my Tohan Tales project from my recent trip to Borneo. I am working with an incredible app developer Alistair  and we are putting together a prototype, I will keep you all posted on this over the coming weeks.

Music has had to take a bit of a back seat for the time being, doing a lot of research into possible ideas and performances in the coming months. I have had some ideas of what the best way to present some of my new work, especially since moving to St Leonard’s and there are so many great things bubbling away here so hopefully they will all see the light of day at some point, fingers crossed.

Here are some of my current listens of late and I wanted to share them with you. Please check out Dollboy who I met many a moon ago while working in Small Fish Records, he is one of the many creative talents living in St Leonard’s. Through Dollboy I have also discovered a label called Second Language and have some great artists and are worth checking out too.  I have also met up with Dan and Neil who are Zeroh, their work is amazing, fantastic illustrative work and lovely folk to boot!

Ok it is time to say farewell for now but more news to come soon….lets hope we get some more sunshine soon as it’s raining right now here, a typical British Summer!battle 2

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  1. Miss you! Glad that you’re settling well. A summer time run is a must!

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