Summers Daze

Its been quite sometime since my last post,  life has been consumed with so many new things on the horizon. Much of my summer has been working on the new app for the  Tohan Tales project which is just in it’s beta stage and fingers crossed will be launched in the next few months. I have to thank Alistair Clarkson who has done all the hard work in putting together the app and what a splendid job he has done! The app is based on my personal journals I wrote while I was in Borneo in fact its exactly 12 months ago and hopefully will give you a little insight into the this incredible place, its people and the team I worked with there.

A few other things are happening too, I am on a new album by Beautify Junkyards which will be released in September. I am a featured vocalist on two tracks Parallelograms and Song for the Naturalists wife both are covers and the album will be released on Clear Spot so please take some time to check out this beautiful album. Thanks to Joao Branco Kyron for inviting me to be part of this wonderful project.

My life in sunny St Leonard’s on Sea has just been amazing over the last few months and have to say I have settled in very nicely and am enjoying every moment of living here. I feel so lucky to have the Ocean right there on my doorstep and pretty much every day I walk or cycle along the seafront and take in the scenery, no two days are ever the same and the light is just fantastic what ever time of day it is.

I run 3 or 4 times a week along the seafront early in the morning, this is just the perfect  time of the day, its quiet, just a few dog walkers or fellow runners, peaceful. I can really take in the view and think, I do a lot of thinking while running, its my therapy and gives me the space to just be, honestly if I didn’t do it I think I may go a little gaga!

I am also exhibiting as part of Coastal Currents here in Hastings as the end of September and you can find information of all the events here. I will be part of a show running from the 30th September till the 4th October as part of a collective of female artists call riart Grrls, this exhibition is based on the theme of 21st suffragettes in local reference to Barbara Bodichon   who was an educationalist, artist and leading early 19th Century Feminist and activist for women’s rights. More information on the weeks events can be found @ Riart Grrls.

Well there are a few more things emerging and I will endeavour in keeping you posted as they occur. Talk to you soon. xeast hill walk


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