Day 6

I have been trying for the last few days since arriving in Puruk Cahu to find any internet connection, finally today myself and my room mate Melati found an internet cafe! the place amazingly has a pretty fast connection. The local kids are intrigued by us and we have found a common interest Messi and Barcelona football! They love football here, especially Barcelona and Manchester United! so a good way to connect with them, kids are just totally intrigued by anyone who looks different and I have definitely created attention but in a good way.

the past few days has been on go slow as the heat is intense and you cannot do very much, the humidity just drains you. I have finally got a good nights sleep and feel a lot more together than I have in the past few days. Everyone on the project are amazing, full of information that I am absorbing like a huge sponge! Biologists, conservationists and researchers. We have been preparing for our trip up river on Tuesday, testing all the equipment, camera traps and gps. We have also been based at FFI offices which is run by Godwin a conservationist from Holland originally but has been in Indonesia for 23 years, this man I could listen to for hours, had a wealth of information. It is an interesting situation here in Borneo in how the government are running the big logging and palm oil industries and how this is impacting on local villages and obviously the rain forest itself
I wish I had some more time to really express myself better in regard to this, but we have a lunch date. I am hoping to capture this over the coming weeks exactly how this is impacting on the two villages we are based in over the coming weeks!

Will try and get some more done before I leave but it is debatable.

Selamat Tinggal

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