Back from living in the rain forest!

Well I am finally back in the real world, after five weeks living in central Kalimantan in a remote village called Tumbang Tohan on the River Joloi (population of 90 families, not sure of the total number of actually people).

I am currently in Palangkaraya after it taking two days to get here on various different modes of transport. I have no clean clothes and am kind of spaced out trying to get accustomed to being in a place with cars, motorcycles, phone coverage and internet connection. I have no clean clothes and which ones are clean have turned a weird shade of brown from washing them in the river!

Its been an interesting journey full of ups and downs. Working with this remote community definitely had its challenges and an experience I will not forget. Living with no electricity, running water and proper sanitation which ultimately was not as bad as I had expected and once I got into my daily routine of walking down to the river each day to have my early morning pee! Being greeted by the villages already up and about at 5.30am, collecting water, preparing their small boats (cis) to go hunting for babi (wild pig), or fishing. The days were often so hot in the afternoons that it was impossible to function and getting up early seemed to be the best time to get as much as you could in the morning before it became to unbearable to work. We were given a small house, well one room where we all camped down for the duration of our stay, a tin roof made it like an oven and even with all the windows/shutters open made no difference to the stifling heat of the afternoon. Lying down on my mat was often the only way I could function!

Each morning we were awoken by the many chickens who often thought it was a good idea to start their day often at 4.30am, once that had started it often led to the scores of hunting dogs to start their barking and howling! I kind of got to like this alarm clock!

Over the coming weeks I will be telling more tales of my trip and the amazing people I met and worked with. I am happy to say I have a ton of great sounds, film and pictures to go through on my return to the UK at the beginning of October. My next stop will be in Jakarta tomorrow and then I head to the Malaysian side of Borneo and will be visiting Kuching! I will of course be documenting this part of my trip too.

More to come soon………

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