A Cold Snap

Its been a few weeks since my last post. Still working through the illness, many visits to various consultants, and I have never had so much blood taken over the last few months! It appears my body does not like a lot of the medication being prescribed, and am now on three variants along with some more natural remedies. Its a waiting game I have been told and as it seems to drag on for what seems like an age (4 months). I am however managing to keep pretty chipper considering the lack of energy at moments, plenty to do but sometimes you have to listen to that inner self saying to slow down and look after yourself.

I have been applying for many commissions and funding opportunities to help with some of the new material that is sitting waiting for some kind of release. I am sorry for my slackness over these past few months but what with trying to survive with various jobs to pay the bills and rent, it has taken me a lot longer than I had anticipated. I am hoping that with the imminent new year approaching that this will give me a new lease of life!

Please check my facebook page for my daily interventions/rambles and the odd photo that I put up as part of the 365 project which I just love.

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