Fall Back!

Its nearing the end of October and I do love the Autumn a great deal with all the vivid colours of the Trees. Its just wonderful, and there is this uncanny smell in the air, it’s like smoking wood….sometimes is so indescribable but it’s my own personal taste of the Autumn, and knowing for the next few months we are heading into the darkness of winter, time to bundle up into our wool hats and mittens to keep out those cold days…it is now that I would love to dig a big whole under a tree and fill with nuts and berries and hibernate until the spring!

My health is improving although it can be very frustrating, knowing that this could be part of my life for a long time. But manage it I must and learning as much as I can as I go is all part of this journey. I am throwing myself back into creating and given myself some new things to work on. I have started to learn the piano and attend a weekly group of singers which has been very liberating and got me back into my singing techniques that I gained while training, although you never really forget….but it’s like a good oiled engine, if you don’t keep it well oiled and run it tends to get a bit rusty! This has got my inrpiration head back on and thinking of where I could go next.

I am also applying for various funding and commissions to expand my repertoire of sound installations as this is somewhere I have not totally explored and could but the fear of that kind of got the better of me, fear in the sense that this world is full of intellects and without sounding rude kind of goes over my head at times……but I have bitten the bullet and gone for it as they say……As I do know I have a lot to offer…..so I will keep you posted on this.

Ok off to do some piano practise 🙂

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