2013 a year of change!

It’s the final day of 2013 and I am feeling optimistic more so than I would normally do at this time of year, New Years Eve is often filled with much reflection on the could’s and could nots! It certainly been a year of many challenges which is what I love about life in general, how it throws you so many curve balls…I have to admit I love to be challenged  put myself into situations that are out of my comfort zone, I think this is a good thing. pushing your own boundaries to the edge!

The year started off a little slow, not much work on the horizon and the constant juggling of balls, the impending housing situation which just seemed to become annoying tick never really knowing how much time we had living in Warren House. Thankfully I had a distraction and was still on a high from returning from Borneo and this kept my spirits up and allowed me to become immersed in all the data I had collected and reminisce about this wonderful adventure and the amazing people I worked alongside. I still miss them! It took me a while to really start to work out what I was going to do,  but I had faith in my work and knew the right things would appear at some point and it did!

In April I moved to Hastings, well St Leonard’s on Sea with my two friends Jen and Tim and embarked on a new adventure, one I have to admit was a little apprehensive about. Leaving London had been on my mind for a while but where to move to was yet to be realised, what with the constant struggle of paying way over priced rents and trying to  survive financially was taking its toll! I love London but it can be a very unforgiving city at times and after over 25 years living there I felt the time had come to move on. So here I am 9 months on living in the most incredible house, having to pinch myself regularly. What an incredible journey, I have met so many amazing generous people here, who are so open creatively. There is definitely a sense of community, it may not have everything on the doorstep and I do miss not having the great museums and a good cinema locally. But what I do have is the ability to visit the sea each day, with its ever changing light, no two days are the same! I just love to take it all in…now that is amazing!

I have collaborated on some amazing projects in 2013  and I hope they will continue on into 2014. I have especially enjoyed working with AV, Korlekie, Green and Purple, Alistair Clarkson, Time Won’t Wait (The Map is not the Territory) and Oliver Cherer, all inspiring me on so many levels!  2014 is already gearing up to what I hope will be another incredible year and that I may continue moving forward as a creative.

I have also embarked on a year of running races, something I have not done since I was a teenager and this has reignited my love of running…I do a lot of thinking while running and have always run since I can remember, always being a part of my life.  I have Rundem Crew to thanks for inspiring me to take it a little more seriously and all the amazing people who are part of that family! I knew Charlie Dark from his Attica Blues days and our paths often crossed at various nights over the years, he is an inspiration to us all!

Medals 2Thank you guys! I miss running the streets of London with you!

I now run with Hasting runners and here too I have found so many incredibly inspiring people so thank you all at Hastings Runners too! I hope to continue running and add a few more medals in 2014!

So here’s looking forward to what 2014 will bring, may it be full of more adventures.

One final note before I depart,  I will be playing a show at the De La War Pavilion on the 25th January with Oliver Cherer, so come along and support us it is a free gig!

Thank you to everyone I have worked with in 2013 and to those of you who have supported my work it is much appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR!Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 16.04.27Not The Territory © Roshana Rubin-Mayhew (low res) 57


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2 Responses to 2013 a year of change!

  1. What an inspiring post! Well done on having the strength to make big changes and to ride things out until the path emerged. I’m proud to have run with you for two of the medals in that picture, and hope to race with you again in 2014.

    • Neotropic says:

      thanks for the wonderful comment Chris…..Its been a real pleasure knowing you and running alongside you in both races and on the road! heres to more wonderful things in 2014!

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