2012! here I come…..

Wow its almost the end of January, and what a month it has been…been totally immersed in new work which has been such a great start to this year. Sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate and this time is has paid dividends, so more of that please 2012…..Feeling full of optimism and looking forward to lots of new adventures this year. Have a few exhibitions coming up with lots of new sound design being created for a number of great new shows, all will be revealed  in the coming months. Watch this space! I am desperate to buy a new camera and the one I have my eye is a Canon 600D which seems like one of the better deals around at the moment. This is a must for my trip to the Amazon later in the year, wanting to document as much as I can while on this amazing journey. Simply snapping with a cybershot has lost its charm and now its time to step it up.

Congratulations to the lovely guys at Architects and Heroes who have just reached their one year anniversary. Happy Birthday! Two new signings Kidd Anthem and Bizzart! Looking forward to releases from them. Please continue to support the label, these guys are truly passionate about what they do!

Ok I need to get back to work in the studio. Currently just finished sound on an new installation which will get its showcase next week. Also working with the lovely Hipnotica (Portugal) singing on a couple of tracks on their new album.

Just finished up a new EP with George Demure and the Great Guns guys, a great new project, lots of fun and a total departure from what you would normally expect from Miss dark corner……I feel this is definitely one to watch!

So lots of things bubbling and will keep you all posted on how things pan out in the coming months.

bye for now……x

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