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  1. porcini says:

    I’d like to say thank you for your music. you are so beautiful in it.


  2. sangpo108 says:

    Ms Maslen is a wonderful artist. Reminiscent of the grand master sonic architect Richard H. Kirk and Cabaret Voltaire.

    • Neotropic says:

      wow that is quite a compliment….thank you!

      • sangpo108 says:

        I was looking at your visuals I’m grateful you posted on your Facebook presence, I felt that’s one thing that’s lacking on your site here. I admire you most as a multi-media artist. Your visuals and your music are mutually inclusive and complimentary. I guess I relate to your music in a similar way I relate to Richard H. Kirk’s and also his contemporary and mutual admirer Boris Blank of Yello – both are sonic architects in my book, and my two favorite artists. They’re both dadaists, as am I. I mean their music is very mutil-dimensional to me, very “visual” to me, as is yours. And reciprocally, your visuals are very aural, capturing the texture, shape and movement of your sonic work.

      • sangpo108 says:

        Brian Eno and David Sylvian are both similar in this regard too, as both do a lot of multi-media installation pieces. Sylvian does a lot of Polaroid collage pieces that are very interesting, and his brother Steve Jansen has always been an excellent photographer.

        You can see some of their work here. Sylvian is a very interesting songwriter, and lately (this past decade) he’s really been focused on composing from improvisation in an ongoing effort to deconstruct the pop song. You might be interested in this body of work and appreciate what he’s trying to do. Sylvian started this approach when writing the last Japan album Rain Tree Crow which is excellent, and all based on improvisations. It’s a masterpiece the reminds me of Mark Hollis and Talk Talk – utter geniuses.



        Most of Jansen’s images are personal shots of his bandmates and brother during the Japan days in the early ’80s, but there are more interesting images toward the bottom from Japan (the nation) during this time. He has an interesting thing for hotel doors.

  3. Neotropic says:

    Thank you for the information and lovely words…..I feel very humbled by your comments

  4. Oh not in the least, nothing undeserved. Giving proper credit where credit is due. I surround myself with artists, and live vicariously through them. It’s almost voyeuristic. Like Gary Numan’s classic 1979 track ‘The Observer’ – “I will observe you all. I’m always fascinated by each one’s individual process and overall vision, so it’s an interesting vantage. Art is such an interesting phenomena in and of itself, as in it’s a way we try to define meaning to the unknown and ourselves.

    I have a friend named The Angel, and both your respective work has always reminded me of one another. It’s always been a dream of mine to see you somehow collaborate. You’re both stellar, pioneering women for whom I have deep respect. She does a lot of collaborative projects too like you are doing now like 60 Channels, Jaz Klash and has her own label imprint – Supa Crucial Recordings has also produced aside from her own material. Her discography on her site doesn’t show reflect any of the remix work she’s done. One of my favorites was her remix of Towa Tei’s ‘Luv Connection.’

    Lately, like you, she’s been doing a lot of soundtrack work for film and television, a direction that’s really taken off for her. So you have much in common. She may lean more on a urban side of things you may find musically, but she’s quite good and very talented. Her work reminds me a lot of what Stuart Matthewman of Sade does on the side with his solo projects, soundtrack work, collaboration with Maxwell, and the Sade sublime side project Sweetback.

    She’s long collaborated with one of my best friends, the Japanese-American singer-songwriter Monday Michiru (Mondo Grosso, Basement Jaxx, United Future Organization, DJ Krush, Kyoto Jazz Massive and more). Even if you never collaborated, maybe it’s nice to see someone walking a similar parallel path.


    • Neotropic says:

      wow thanks for the information. I met the Angel once many years ago, in fact we looked very similar at that time and she was very sweet. She has done way more than I. In fact become extremely succesful on the film side, alas I have had no such luck on that level. I have never quite got my foot in the door and have to work a regular job part time to survive….but such is life and I maintain my love for my art. You seem very well versed in your music and connections and I am familiar with Monday Michiru. I would of course like to talk with The Angel as we are from very similar starting points. Please by all means pass on my wishes and email or vice versa.


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