The Absolute Elsewhere has finally landed!

After what seems like a decade of no long player from Neotropic, the new album is about to be released into the world! Its been a long time coming and I am so pleased I can finally let it go! It was a struggle to find a label to take it on and I found the perfect home for it too! Slowcraft Records are small but perfectly formed, with some of the most beautiful music out there right now! I feel extremely blessed to be part of this label. Thank You James for you support and belief in the music! I just hope that it will be received well and that everyone can enjoy the journey as I have while creating The Absolute Elsewhere!

The remix of Your War is sublime and what a talent Azamat is, again just wonderful to have his version out in the world too! Please check out his work!

I will be doing some live shows in the coming months with my favourite musicians Oliver Cherer, Darren Morris and Jack Hayter!  I look forward to seeing you somewhere out there in the Elsewhere very soon!

Single: Your War
Artist: Neotropic
Label: Slowcraft Records Release Date: 6th July, 2018

We’ll break down the barricades…

Few records inspire hope and dread in equal measure as effectively as the upcoming Neotropic album The Absolute Elsewhere. Advance single Your War exemplifies Maslen’s knife-edge artistic tightrope act. It’s a provocative and masterful display of judgement and tonal control wherein temper and restraint hold one another in perfectly weighted counterbalance. Complementing the original is a triptych remix from Russian producer Azamat who drives the tensely poised qualities of the source through three dizzying movements encompassing folk violin, rippling electronic arpeggios and tightly focused floor-shaking breaks.

In the artist’s own words:

“In 2003 I was part of the huge anti-war demonstration in London to stop the invasion of Iraq. Images were imprinted on my mind of the orphaned children whose families were the innocent casualties of this war. As a child growing up in the Wiltshire countryside living in a small village surrounded by an American air base, I would often see protesters outside the gates, and it’s here I believe my life changed. Your War in an abstract anti-war song, like all my work it’s based on real experiences.”

Written and Produced by Riz Maslen
Your War (Azamat’s Trilogy Remix) Produced by Azamat Mastered by Bob Macciochi
Artwork by Riz Maslen
Design by James Murray

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