Marathon Diaries: Mind over Matter!

With 6 days to go until London , it’s now all about putting the hard training to bed and preparing for the big day mentally!

The past two weeks I have struggled with a calf niggle and wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the start line,  after all that hard work over the winter, training in some of the worst weather to the point of wanting to cry! I wasn’t ready to give up on that dream of me being a kid watching on TV and saying to myself, I am going run that one day! Of course these things happen and injuries occur, so a difficult pill to swallow. I had a few sleepless nights hoping it wasn’t anything too serious, under the guidance of my Coach Terry and the knowledge of my physio Kim working together to try to solve the problem. So the last two weeks I have not run at all, hoping that resting the calf would remedy the situation. It seemed to ease up and with a few spin sessions to keep the fitness ticking over, the calf was definitely on the mend. I was a little unsure of whether it had totally healed and was advised to and get looked at over at Sportswise in Eastbourne, Luke assessed my calf and suggested I may have overloaded it a few weeks back hence the tightness and pain near the shin bone. He gave me some acupuncture and also treated the area with a laser. The good news was that it was ok and I would be able to run, I extremely relieved to hear that news.It felt sore a few days after but I kept up the spin and even had a little jog on the treadmill. I have since run a couple of times, it’s still a little stiff with a little ache but nothing like it was a few weeks back! So bring it on! London here I come!


So to all my lovely friends and fellow runners at Hastings AC, thank you for all the amazing support and encouragement over these months of training! Plus to all the other runners I’ve trained with who are also running, Rosy, Jason, Francis, John, Claire B, Amy, Martin, Adam, Mark D,  Paul B, Paul MC, and Claire. Apologies if I have forgotten anyone. Special mention to Caitlin who has also been training with us, she will be running Stirling Marathon in May!

Lastly, big love to all those who have donated to my just giving page, it means a lot!





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