The Absolute Elsewhere

As summer finally draws to a close and here in the UK we all start to gather ourselves for those long winter months, there is light on the horizon!  I am happy to announce that Neotropic will be gracing the world with a new album The Absolute Elsewhere. Its been quite a few years since my last full length album Equestrienne, the new album will be released on a limited run of vinyl with hand printed covers by yours truly! Pink Lizard Music and myself have been busy preparing for the release and in the coming weeks you will have the option of pre ordering the vinyl version. The link will be posted online and I will keep you updated once it goes live. There will of course be a download version of the album and this will also be available to purchase from various online platforms.

It has been a longtime coming and I am intrigued to see how this new work will be received by the universe!

Myself and the band were also part of an online music show For the Record recently and you can catch our live performance of Your War which is featured on the new album.


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