Another year over….

I have not written anything in a while on my blog and feel a little  guilty for not doing so. Life just seems to take over sometimes and those little moments just slip away. It does seem an appropriate time to say a few words and promise myself that I will try harder in 2016 :).

I have been working on so many fabulous projects this year and I hope that some of the work will see the light of day in 2016. I am so anticipating the release of my project with Tris Taylor – Alone in Splendour as this has been waiting in the wings for what seems like an age, but these things take time and patience is a virtue. So fingers crossed you will all be able to hear the fruits of our labour in the coming months.

Tris has been working hard as Pink Lizard Music and rereleasing my back catalogue digitally and selling what is left of any CD’s that are still floating around. We hope to be doing this too with the Small Fish with Spine catalogue in the next few months.

I have also continued working with Oliver Cherer on his new record and that has also been an absolute pleasure. His work just always inspires me,  pushing me into new areas that perhaps I would never venture. We have played a few shows with a full band and this too has been an amazing experience. It always feels like we have been together forever and there is definitely a rare gelling formula of talents that just clicks with no real effort involved, which is just a wonderful experience!

Non-Blank too has been going from strength to strength and we are keen to pursue more live shows and work with more film in our performances. We are hatching new ideas and 2016 will be about bringing these ideas to fruition and pushing our musical boundaries further into the future.

So many coals in the fire, I just now need to finish a full length Neotropic Album, it just has not quite materialised this year, although plenty of tracks in the making. I have been a little distracted by other sonic projects which has given me plenty of new ideas which no doubt will filter through into more Neotropic music to come.

Health has been good this year, a few blips but nothing too serious thankfully. I live each day as it comes and each day to its fullest as you never know what is around the corner. I have so many wonderful friends and family who keep me buoyant and this is what makes life so special.

So here’s to the end of 2015 and to the beginning of 2016!

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