Things Coming up!

The weather is definitely picking up with odd smattering of sunshine over the last few weeks! It always puts a spring in my step knowing that the warming days are slowly creeping back, I am definitely a summer girl and love my dose of vitamin D! So as we head on into these longer days I am happy to let you know of a few things coming up over the next few months. Tomorrow I will be with the talented Mr Oliver Cherer singing new songs and old in support of Ryley Walker who is just wonderful! We will be playing The Albatross Club in Bexhill unfortunately it is sold out!  Looking forward to trying our the new songs with Ollie….

Earlier in the year I proposed a new idea for Non Blank the super group I am in with Oliver Cherer, Jack Hayter and Darren Morris! Super in my eyes as these guys are just amazing! Anyway we were successful and will be embarking on a residency called Sotto Voce Arts you can find more information on this link.

I am also woking hard on my new album which is shaping up nicely and will keep you posted over the coming months!

dog and blue 2

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