Sleepless in St Leonard’s

It has been a while since my last posting, the days just seem to fly by and before you know it we are already in March!

Things have been a little up and down health wise but nothing I am not able to handle, although my current meds are making it difficult to have a decent nights sleep! Brilliant for writing lyrics and ideas in the wee hours. Trying all kinds of holistic remedies none of which really have any effect! Maybe it is back to counting sheep!

Aside from that life is pretty sweet with some amazing things on the horizon for Neotropic this year…just finished a track for an upcoming compilation on Second Language which I am so happy to be part of, much respect for this label! So many fabulous artists on their current roster, including my good friend and collaborator Oliver Cherer. I will be posting more news on this once I get a release date.

The Show at Sonic Sundays as part of Hasting’s Fat Tuesday was amazing! Big props to the man Mr Danny Pockets for organising it. So many incredible artists contributed and made it a very special day!It had been a long while since I have ventured out as Neotropic and I was a little unsure of how it would go. I was extremely fortunate to have two of my favourite musicians playing alongside me, Darren Morris and Oliver Cherer which of course added to the whole experience! It was the perfect platform to showcase some new tracks and try out some ideas, which ultimately will filter back into my writing

Thee Sun day Sonics 3 15:2:2015

Later in the year I will also be releasing an ep under the name Alone In Splendour, a collaborative project with Tris Taylor aka Benbo and also the man behind Pink Lizard Music. More news to come on this soon!

With Spring in the air and a skip in my step, I will be working on lots of new things over the coming months!

cactus 8

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  1. Sounds exciting. Hope you’re back to full health soon.

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