A new year and a new start!

Its been a while since I posted anything, I must apologise for my tardiness, this has been down to really being immersed in a lot of collaborative work and gigs over the majority of 2014! And what a fabulous year it was, on reflection it really felt like a step forward in regard to my own creative process which to be quite frank had lost a bit of its mojo! Working alongside the likes of Oliver Cherer, Benbo, Darren Morris and Jack Hayter has given me a much needed boost in my own confidence. I feel like I have lain dormant for such a long time in regard to my music creation, although I have been extremely creative on other projects! I now feel ready to get back to writing the new Neotropic album, I have a lot of material in the form of sketches or half ideas and now need to formulate it into a cohesive musical journey! I hope to keep a regular update in regard to the process over the coming months. In the meantime I am doing a low key show at The Sunday Sonics as part of Fat Tuesday on the 15th February! So for now I need to get back into my studio!

In the meantime you can catch me on my monthly radio show every second Sunday of the month from 3.30pm -5pm on Reel Rebels Radio or you can listen back to all the archived shows on mixcloud


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