Long Summer Days are almost over!

I always feel a little sad when the evenings start to grow shorter and the onset of Autumn is upon us! I admit to loving the warmer months in the UK but we live in a seasonal part of the world and each season brings much joy in many shapes and sizes!

Its been an incredible summer with so many amazing experiences. Have been playing a lot of shows with Oliver Cherer and a few weeks back we played the Daylight 5th Birthday at the glorious Union Chapel, what a joy to play in this incredible space. The opening was just amazing with Darren playing the Church Organ with its deep drones, it was spine tingling! along with a 40 strong male choir called Chaps Choir! I felt transported back into another world and extremely privileged to have had this opportunity! I sang my heart out and it felt good!



Over the Summer here in Hastings we have an Arts Festival called Coastal Currents, last year I was able to show my Tohan Tales work. This year I was commissioned by Zeroh who are the most amazing artists in their own right! I had been wanting to work with them for sometime and this was another incredible experience, again working alongside so many amazing talented people, the likes of the wonderful Jason Singh, Le Gateau Chocolat and Claire Hamill and her amazing choir. To create something specially for this event was such a joy and I hope we can do it all again soon!



So what else is in store, well I am back writing some new material, its slow and there is a lot of stuff swimming around inside this head of mine. So as the winter nights start to draw in am sure I will be tinkering away in my studio, creating new alchemy! There are some more shows coming up with Oliver Cherer  and here are the links to the shows coming up. We will be support Mark Fry’s new album launch South Wind, Clear Sky at St Mary’s Church Rotherhithe  and then supporting the wondrous Lisa Knapp at Musics not Dead event at the De La Warr  Pavilion, Bexhill on the 12th October. So if you are in London or sunny Hastings do come along and support these amazing artists!

On a final note, I had a lovely surprise this morning I found out I was 46th in the top 100 IDM tracks of all time in FACT magazine! Almost 16 years ago this track was released on one of my favourite albums Mr Brubaker’s Strawberry Alarm Clock with the amazing artwork by Strickly Kev!

Screen shot 2014-09-23 at 09.39.55

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