De La Warr Residency Day 5

Our intention this week was to get some clearer recordings, as much of what we have already although very useable has been recorded when the building has been open to the public. This recording session would be after the public had gone home and the building would essentially be empty apart from the staff.

Ollie and I had already discussed some potential ideas for this visit and we were  particularly keen to record in the main auditorium space. Caleb had already pointed out on a previous visit that in the room was a special spot with an amazing natural echo! We brought along a number of instruments, flute, trumpet, alpine horn and tubing all very effective in the spaces we improvised in. 

It was definitely another productive visit on listening back to the material collected, with some very beautiful moments

DLW d5 DLW day 5

Through each of these visits it has become more and more clear to us on what we will present in November at Dear Serge. Time to start piecing together these amazing sounds from this inspirational building!

Stay Tuned!

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