De La Warr Residency Day 2

Yesterday Ollie and I spent the morning over at the De La Warr as part of our residency. We decided to spend a bit of time in the two front stairwells, Ollie brought a long a selection of Cymbals and metal bowls and some drum sticks! the stairwells are an excellent space with their own natural reverb, perfect for singing in! We created a number of improvised percussion pieces, and I was particularly interested in using the fixtures and fittings as ways of creating rhythmic patterns which proved to be extremely successful.

We had tried a few ideas vocally on the last visit but due to some technical problems the recordings were unusable. We split ourselves between the two floors and began singing, bouncing off one was incredible to hear the voices floating throughout the space,  it felt very spiritual, the monks of Bexhill! It was an extremely productive morning and I look forward to our next visit.


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