De La Warr Pavilion Residency – Day 1

So myself and Oliver Cherer (aka Dollboy) have been commissioned by the DLWP to create a new sound piece/performance based on the building.. yes we will be recording everything and anything we can get our little hands on! well digital recorders on over the coming weeks..Today we headed over around lunchtime, just in time for those that lunch at this fantastic spot overlooking the sea, and the sun was in full effect, giving everything a warm spring glow. We decided that we would just take in the building today and enjoy its ambience as it goes about its daily business. I managed to get some great sounds from the cafe, the clanking cups and sauces interspersed with snippets of broken conversation..I then headed over to the stairwells at the front of the building to hear Ollie singing chorally in these wonderful reverb areas, and at one point even though we were on different levels managed to be in sync playing off one another in perfect harmony! a good afternoons work. Heres to Day 2!Day 1:2 Day 1:8

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