A Change is a Coming!

225px-Bonney,_Anne_(1697-1720)Life is about to change quite drastically for me as I am about embark on a new chapter in my life! After some twenty odd years in our fair capital I am about to move to the South East Coast, in fact St Leonards on Sea…. I have often dreamt of being a pirate living my life on the ocean wave. And now it has finally come to pass!

It is all thanks to my friends Tim and Jennifer who have kindly offered me a room at the top, in fact 2.5 rooms in their Victorian Terrace literally a stones throw from the sea…

Of course I am a little sad to be leaving London but in someways I don’t really see it as leaving merely a permanent vacation!

I am hoping the sea air will bring new sonic adventures amongst other things creatively. Already I feel this is a very welcoming place and there is definitely a sense of something bubbling and about to happen. I have only been here a few days working on the house with Jen in preparation for our move and already we met folk here from London setting up cafes and restaurants just around the corner from our place. There is definitely an  exodus of creatives heading this way from London.

Ok much more to be getting on with and I need to pack in a few more miles on the road before my first half marathon on the 14th April in East London!

Don’t forget to tune into my radio show on the 14th April at 2pm on Reel Rebels Radio reelrebelsradio.com

I will be sure to keep you  posted on all things pirate related over the coming weeks……

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1 Response to A Change is a Coming!

  1. Mike Cannon says:

    Onya Riz. Don’t forget to come back and see the orang-utans. And good luck in Jen&Tim’s Ville !!!

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