March is Hare

It’s another new month and still feels like we are immersed in this grey world, when will Spring ever return I keep saying to myself like a mantra! Time seems to be going slow, and I feel like I am just floating in a void, and every now and then a little glint of light seeps through to keep me from going a little crazy. It’s ups and downs, swings and roundabouts and I am sure this tide will turn, my work is a little laboured and I know this has a lot to do with the current climate of not knowing, and this continual knocking of doors that just seem to have no-one answering! It will pass and this is all power for the cause and I do try to embrace it and remember there is light around this extremely long tunnel.

On the upside I do have a few things happening over this month, I will be giving an informal chat on Thursday 14th at Hackspace more details to be posted on my facebook page. I will also be showing my installation piece Departure Lounge as part of a group show called Synaesthesia and Phonetics please follow the link for more information

I have not played live or performed for quite some time, however on the 30th of March I will be doing something performance related at the and have not other details as of yet but will keep everyone posted. CODA 2

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