Feast or Famine is February

The month of February in some ways just feels like the strangest time of year for me, its not really a month in the true sense of the word. I feel its a month for preparation for what hopefully will be the coming months of spring. Whatever resolutions folk have made during the month of January may well be slipping into obscurity and praise to those who have managed to stick to their new regimes however small they may be.

At the end of January I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh for the first Soundproof event held at the famous Forest Cafe,  a not for profit organisation run by people who are passionate about what they do. A refreshing experience to the overbearing commercialism of London that I battle with on a daily basis. It was great to connect with new friends and old and enjoy a few days in a beautiful city.

My installation piece Departure Lounge was installed as part of the festival and I have to thank everyone who helped in making the installation look fantastic, many thanks to Dave, Stephen, Lorcan and Varun who I never got meet unfortunately. Thanks to Charlie for his set and Greg for his wonderful cello piece. Great to meet up with Jon, Stuart and Stewart so lovely to see you all on such a miserable rainy night.

Here is a clip of Departure Lounge from the event, and thanks Diana for the clip and also to her and Conrad for their hospitality.


I will exhibitingEdinburgh bound Departure Lounge in London during March and will update you all on the preview and view dates for this.

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