2013 The Year of Transition

Here we are in the year of the snake I believe which is meant to be very lucky according to the Chinese, so am hoping some of the luck will come my way! With all the festivities out of the way, its back to work and already things are bubbling away at Neotropic central.

rainI have just finished my first piece for Tohan Tales and this will be aired as part of  Terminal Radio on the 4th February information can be found at  http://www.fsolboard.co.uk.  For those of you lovely people who contributed to funding my recent trip to the rain forest, I will be sending you all a link after that date for to download. This will be the first instalment of the Diary Box from Tohan Tales, lucky you! I have also contacted those that requested signed photographs to pick your choice and those will be making their way to you shortly.

I am also writing a new installation piece for Clare Blake’s MA project at Central St Martins. This will be showcased in February, no date has been set as of yet. This is a very ambitious project and I am looking forward to seeing how things  will develop over the coming months. It is time to take Opera into a new dimension!

I am still looking for work as things are pretty scarce right now, and my two weekly trips to the Job Centre to claim Job Seekers is not exactly inspiring to say the least, such is the life of an artist! I am hoping things will improve over the coming months and things start to shift in my universe.

Well that’s it for now, keep bundled up in these cold months and lets look forward to those warm spring days soon to be upon us.

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