Kuching (the city of cats)

Its my last few days in Borneo and I am feeling quite sad and nostalgic, I cannot quite believe I have been away almost two months! The time seems to of flown by and yet at times been in slow motion. I miss my companions who I worked with on this project and they are exceptional women who I know will continue on with the great work they have already started with Tumbang Tohan. I want to say that I will go back and hopefully this will be a reality in the not to distant future.

I am still digesting the whole experience and being here in Kuching having a rest has definitely got me thinking about all the wonderful and perhaps not so great experiences on this trip, although the wonderful far outweigh the not so wonderful! I miss the kids from the village and our interaction with them, our afternoon art classes in our tin roofed home in sweltering heat, brings a smile to my face every time I remember their eager faces each day turning up waiting patiently to be asked in. We had paper and pens but I wished I had brought paints or even coloured pencils as this would of made their experience all the more colourful. It was just wonderful to see them express themselves and their imaginations coming to life. We of course displayed all their work on our walls and it was a wonderful way to wake up each day and see these works of art! I did document this and hopefully the photographs will do their work justice, we made sure that all the kids got their work as a reminder of what they did and the time we spent with them.

I know that this experience will filter through as the days go by and as I tucked into a pizza this lunchtime, something I had been dreaming of over the last few weeks, simple foods like cheese and beans on toast. I like Kuching its a small city but has a nice feel about it, people are friendly, it has an interesting history and is even close the sea! The South China Sea and I did dip my toes in the water at the weekend. There is an amazing array of wildlife and plants and with a steady temperature of around 20 -23 degrees F although with humidity, makes it a nice climate, although I do prefer a dry heat. It has an array of interesting shops stocking vintage I am assuming indigenous artefacts, of which I have my eye on a couple of things to bring home. Fingers crossed I can negotiate a good price!!

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