Borneo Bound

I will be heading off to Borneo on the 6th August and I will be working in two remote communities in Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan). I will be documenting everything through sound and vision. It will take a good week to get to the two villages over land and   up river. This will be an amazing opportunity to see the terrain and how it will change as we move from the cities to the rainforest.

I will not be able to have access to any internet while in the field so I am afraid I won’t be able to keep you all up to date as regularly as I would like,  but there is an opportunity to tweet as strange as that sounds! so any of you out there who would like to follow my tweets please find me at Hopefully I will be able to give you a small yet perfectly formed insight into the things that are happening throughout my stage. I will be gathering lots of material that will be the focus of my new work on my return.  I will also on my route home will be visiting a friend in Kuching which is in the Malaysian part of Borneo as it is split between Indonesia and Malaysia. I will indeed get the whole experience of this island! 


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