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Its July and it is still raining, not happy at all about the lack of sunshine. It seems to be the norm now that the British Summer Time is well and truly very un summery! The lack of clear blue skies is having an effect, I seem to of spent the last three months walking around constantly with my umbrella up or wearing waterproofs on my bike. I am quite glad that I have no festivals planned for this summer as I know it would be a mud fest and possible trench foot territory! I feel for all those hardened festival folk who despite this rubbish weather still go and manage to keep smiling.

This month has proven to be a bit of a mixed bag so far, and we are only in the second week of July. I have had some good news and some not so good news. The good news I am still unable to share as it all seems a little in the air but I am bursting to tell you all. I seem to be applying for a larger amount of residencies and opportunities to get my current work out there, but its a bit of a bun fight and often luck of the draw. I am ever the optimist and will continue until I feel I cannot take another generic rejection email.

My 5th instalment for Reel Rebels Radio will air this Friday from 10pm – 12am, with new tracks from FSOL’s new album environments and a blinding new track from Ollo’s new album. So please tune in, or you can also check out my mixcloud page the following week where I will be posting an archive of the show.

I went along to a lovely evening of music the other week, from Empty Music, Ollo and T-Toe. Please check out all these artists…..highly recommended.

Well that is all for now, and as I look out my window there is a rather large black cloud looming. Mmmm perhaps there will be some rain imminently. Better reach for that umbrella then.

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