Down Sizing

This year seems to be flying at a rate of knots! Summer is here, well the summer months are here but as usual with our weather it all seems a bit unpredictable! The time has come to start bidding farewell to my record collection,  it pains me to say this but I have to start down sizing as my home is due to be demolished in the not too distant future.We have already been given prior warning that we will possibly need to decamp in November! I have managed to build up quite a collection of records over the years and I love my vinyl. Many of them bring back sweet memories of the places where I dug for hours in basements world wide. So much joy!

A change is a good as a rest as they say and my time in this flat has been full of may wonderful things. I will miss the sense of community and most of all my neighbours who have become like a family to me.

On the upside I have a lot of amazing things happening over the summer and will be talking more of this in the coming weeks.

The Coterie Collective launched our Neck of the Woods CD a few weeks back with an evening of music, film and performance. Thank you to those that came along and bought the CD. If any of you have any blogs etc and want to review the CD/Download just drop me a line.

My monthly radio show at Reel Rebels Radio will be this Friday 8th June from 10pm – 12am. It will be archived the following week via my mixcloud page. I have also just completed a new radio mix for New Worck and a mixtape for psychic mule records our of New York, not sure when it will be released but will keep you posted on developments.

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1 Response to Down Sizing

  1. sangpo108 says:

    Hi Ms Maslen:

    Love the new(ish – or new to me) site. I’m glad you blog on here, it’s nice to know your goings on. I’m sad to here you’ll have to downsize your vinyl collection. You may regret that later on. I regret getting rid of so much vinyl over the years. But nothing is permanent, everything is subject to change, and that regret is merely grasping and cleaving attachment from my own side.

    I just felt like checking in with you today, see what your current goings-in are. I was in touch with you via email c. 1998 or 99 when you were traveling Oz. One of my favorite tracks of yours is “CCTV” off your excellent debut, one of my favorite albums. To me, that track reminds me so much of Cabaret Voltaire, and my artistic hero, the sonic architect that is Richard H. Kirk. I was listening to his debut Electronic Eye project album from 1994 ‘Closed Circuit’ today.

    I think back to this time when you were in Oz, and about “CCTV” at the time. Stephen “Mal” Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire had left, moved to Perth with his family to get his masters and doctrine and teach. He also started a label down there and a couple of other projects. So one day, I decided to look him up in the Perth white page residential directory not really expecting him to be listed, and sure enough he was. So I called him out of the blue, and we had a very nice chat, and have been friends ever since. So you indirectly had a role to play in that.

    Anyway, I wish you well.

    Venerable Gyälten Sangpo
    Buddhist monk-at-large in India

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