We are in Drought!

Its already the month of May! As time flys by and we head on into Summer! I am hoping for some summer weather at some point. Its been a busy few weeks, working on a new sound piece for Erevos Aether, as part of a beautiful film created by Anomalousvisuals. In fact I have just finished it, with thanks to Jason for his beautiful strings reminiscent of Arvo Part.

As part of the Coterie Collective we are just adding the finishing touches for our new CD, Neck of the Woods. Its a compilation of different sound artists, including 10Sui, Leslie Deere, Nadine Richardson and Kaffe Matthews. We are holding a launch night on the 25th May along with a slot on NTS Radio on the 16th May at 10pm. Please follow the two links for more information. http://www.sound-space-store.co.uk/http://ntslive.co.uk/.

I had the opportunity to see two amazing performances at the weekend as part of a day dedicated to the work of Arvo Part. It was completely sublime and of course very inspiring. I have to thank Scott Dan for the extra tickets.

The rain has been relentless and it is not actually raining today which is a blessing, but according to the news we are still in serious drought! Kind of odd really when in some parts of the south east we have had serious flooding! Makes you wonder why certain large companies sold off reservoirs or developing wetlands!

Well just a short interlude and will keep you posted on any further news in the coming weeks.

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