Drip Drip Little April Showers

Its already April and the year is well and truly under way. Our first bank holiday of the year passed. Spent a lovely weekend visiting friends in Brighton, one of my favourite seaside retreats and one place I would love to decamp to sooner rather than later if I can find the right place to reside in. At present just a pipe dream but am working toward in the hope I can be beside the sea very soon!

My next radio show will be aired this Friday 13th April on Reel Rebels Radio so please tune in between 10pm and 12am, if you are not able to tune in, I will be uploading the show to my mixcloud account http://www.mixcloud.com/neotropic/.

There is a new CD being released in May through The Coterie Collective and will be available through Sounfjords SOUND//SPACE, as a centre for sonic exploration, is a space to buy independent and hand-made music and sound art; meet like-minded individuals, artists/musicians, label owners, and to discuss interests; listen to sound samples from records, CDs and similar media; and experience unusual live music and sound art.  The CD will feature sonic delights from Leslie Deere, Nadine Richardson, 10sui and Kaffe Matthews. The tracks are all in response to Kew Gardens in West London. I will keep you posted on the date of the release and where you can purchase a copy of this DIY project.

I have just finished a new film based around my track Your War which was part of the Anomalous Visuals a Secret Subterranean Show in December 2011, you can view it via this link. https://vimeo.com/39764217 .

I have a few other things in the pipeline and will keep you posted on any new developments.

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  1. sangpo108 says:

    Um, Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire has returned from Australia a few years back and now lives in Brighton and teaches at the University of Brighton.

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