February belongs to Brigid

There is an old Celtic Custom that on the 2nd February they celebrate the first day of spring, Imbolc or Oimelc, are the names given to this day meaning the flow of milk from sheep that heralds the return of the life-giving forces of spring. Its always great to hear of such old symbolic festivals or feasts that allow us to forget the cold grey days of January and February and to look forward to the coming spring. I was lucky enough to be invited to a friends for dinner on the evening of the 2nd and we celebrated with wonderful food, warming wine and candle light. It definitely felt like a new start, and to be looking forward to what the year 2012 is going to bring! So far it has been extremely busy and I have been working with some amazing people on various projects.

I have been working the Anomalous Visuals over the last 6 months of various projects and I hope this will continue as they are probably one of the most innovative collectives around, they are just supreme with their vision, and its been inspiration working with them! Allowing me to push my own creativity in many different ways which can only be a bonus in my estimation.

I have been also working on another project which I am unsure if we actually have a name  at the moment, brought together by George Demure whom I have collaborated with over the last few years. A collection of talented individuals creating a very exciting sound. Hopefully we will be out playing shows in the coming months and you won’t be disappointed!

With no Neotropic releases planned for this year, I will however be working on a number of interesting projects. I am presently working with the Coterie Collective as we are about to release a compilation CD of sound works from various sound artists. We have yet to have a release date but will be coming soon.

I also wanted to mention a new project by filmmaker and artist Meloni Poole which will launch virally in the next couple of months and I am excited to be creating the sound worlds for her animation/book Deergirl. Its is an amazing story and one I am excited to see come to life.

Well that’s all for now, keep wrapped up warm and look forward to the Spring!


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