As the days grow shorter and the nights draw in.

It has been a beautiful Sunday, there is a smell all too familiar when Autumn arrives. A reminder of my youth, running and kicking up the dry leaves as they crunch beneath my feet. There is a faint hint of wood burning aromas which I love. The vivid colours of the leaves on the trees, the deep reds and auburn before they turn brown and fall to the ground. I do love this time of year, and often do my best work through the darker days of winter. The past month has been quiet but am working on lots of new ideas and projects. Singing in a new band called Great Guns, which I love! We are kind of like Talking Heads meets the B52’s with a bit of Prince and Roxy Music thrown in. All the music is created with original analogue keyboards, synths and drum machines and has a beautiful warmth that a lot of digital music cannot in my estimation recreate. The members of the band are George Demure, Ben Great Guns, Jeanga and Laura Cole. We are in the process of writing and recording at the moment and have some great work already done. I will keep you posted on our movements as we hope to be playing some live shows soon. I have also contributed to a new album released by SoundFjord in response to the recent riots in Tottenham over the summer, so please support this album and at £3.99 is a bargain. The link to buy it

I have a few other projects I am working on and hopefully I will get to talk more about those in the coming months. I am on the look out for anyone who would perhaps be able to help me with some research on interactivity and triggering of sounds for an upcoming exhibition next year, so if anyone wishes to talk or mail me please do it would be most appreciated.

There is also a new compilation being released CYCLE #10 Digital LP Compilation – November 7th and will feature my track The Horse Trainer and a lot of other great artists. It has been receiving a lot of good reviews and radio support. I also have another remix being released of the band Revere so please go and check that out too So a lot of good things around at the moment to get your teeth into.  Please also keep on support the amazing remixes of Equestrienne on Architects and Heroes who are another great label to watch for the future in my estimation.

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