No Sign of the Sun

Its already heading toward the end of July and I wonder where all the days go. Blurring into one! I have been working away trying to get applications in for various funding opportunities and applying for residencies. To survive in this city it is difficult to survive from you art alone, although some people do it. I have managed up until now but finances are tight. It is difficult on many levels are you are in competition with so many other artists all applying for the same commission and writing proposals is not something I am very confident at. I know I am much better in the flesh so to speak, I think I come across a lot more coherently than trying to explain myself on paper or in text. It takes a lot of practise and thankfully I have a couple of good friends who proof read everything I do.

The weather has been unseasonably rainy, and today is no exception as I look out of my window in the hope of seeing a blue sky. I wish for those long hot summers I remember as a child, running free in golden fields of wheat. Oh the heady days of my youth, filled with many happy memories.

Spent the previous weekend at Latitude Festival, a bit of a wet weekend. Wellingtons on and wet weather gear were the order of most of the weekend. However the rain did not dampen my spirits, along with being with a good group of friends. Highlights of the weekend were Echo & The Bunnymen, Deerhunter, The National on the music front. There was an amazing amount of other things to see including a lot of art in many forms, one of the most amazing performances was the Electric Hotel a dance piece set in what looked like a hotel with large windows into various rooms. Each room contained a scenario as we followed each of the characters. Beautifully executed and even without the headphones was mesmerising. It was great to be out of the city and makes me appreciate how beautiful our countryside is and makes me think, how I would love to relocate to somewhere outside of London.

The campaign for my Amazon trip is almost over and although donations have now slowed down, I have raised $700 which will come in handy in regard to my trip. If I am unsuccessful in securing other funding, I will be handing the money back to all those that have been so generous.

Ok need to go walk my neighbours dog and check on that bid for a launch pad on Ebay!

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