Vapour Trails!

After a month of preparation for two large exhibitions. I have had a lot of great feedback in regard to the new work Departure Lounge, and as much as I was anticipatory in how it would be received. It has proven to be a pivotal piece for me and and I have gained a new confidence in this new realm of work for me. I am now determined to continue on this path and look forward to the next project.

Just spent the last month working on an application to help me get to the Amazon in October! What an experience that would be, I just hope that I am successful in my application. I already have a working title Terra Preta (Black Earth).

Thanks to all those lovely fans and friends who have contributed to my campaign on Indie GoGo, again I have been deeply humbled by everyone’s generosity!

The weather is just fantastic and it really feels like summer is here. Off to Latitude in a few weeks, camping for the first time in a while at a festival. Looking forward to getting out of the city and just having time away from computers and hanging out with friends and listening to good music!

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