Equestrienne Remixes Release

Good news the new album is due for release in August. This is the beautiful front cover created by Will aka Asymmetrical Head who is also another fabulous artist on Architects and Heroes. I just want to thank all the brilliant re-mixers who contributed to this album and gave their time for free. I feel extremely excited by the prospect of a new album and hope to be doing some live shows over the summer if I can get my act together, or pull my finger out!

I am also trying to get funding for an amazing trip of a lifetime to the Amazon in October and please if you have a few pounds or dollars to spare visit http://www.indiegogo.com/Amazon-Sounds

My health is improving daily as long as I stick to my special carbohydrate diet, it has been a huge struggle at times and I have had my doubts that I would never get better. But I am still here and thankful that my colon is still intact! phew……..more news to come and will let you know of any upcoming events and shows.

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