Onwards and Upwards

The sun has been shinning for a good week now and what a difference it makes….people are just more optimistic it seems. It has definitely got me feeling a lot more upbeat… I am however not 100% and this does niggle at me every now and then but I am as my GP tells me I always seem to be very positive, as I replied to her if I wasn’t I think I would be a basket case by now. But I look at all the good things that have come my way and use that as my mantra almost, of course I am every now and then prone to feeling sorry for myself but who doesn’t go through that and why not I say!

Finally have a release date for remix album 16th August, artwork has been finalised and just working on the track order. I am so pleased with the body of work that has been submitted by all the talented remixers! I am so excited to see it finally as a physical CD and hold it in my hands…….

On another note, if any of you are based in or around Toronto, Ontario Canada you should check out this beautiful exhibition by my good friends and neighbours Maslen & Mehra. Who are in my opinion amazing! Please follow the link and read the blurb below.

Featured solo exhibition by Scotiabank CONTACT photography festival

May 5 – June 4 “Mirrored” showcasing photography and a new installation by London based artists Maslen & Mehra

Opening reception May 5 from 6 to 10 pm

CONTACT 2011: Figure and Ground

General Hardware Contemporary

1520 Queen St W

Toronto M6R 1A4


In a series of Edenic landscapes, figures appear both present and absent. These strange and magical compositions are a result of documenting a series of temporary interventions with mirror sculptures.. Maslen & Mehra will present a new installation piece which references research trips to Algonquin Park Canada and Epping Forest London, UK. As always, the artists continue to question our place in the world as we push our relationship with the environment to the limit. Theexhibition will be accompanied by a new text by John K Grande.

CONTACT is an annual month long festival of photography with over 1000 local, national and international artists at more than 200 venues across the Greater Toronto Area in May. Founded as a not-for-profit organization 14 years ago, CONTACT is devoted to celebrating, and fostering an appreciation of the art and profession of photography. As the largest photography event in the world, and a premiere cultural event in Toronto, CONTACT stimulates excitement and discussion among a diverse audience that has grown to over 1.5 million and is focused on cultivating even greater interest and participation this year. Past exhibitors include Douglas Coupland,  David LaChapelle, Barbara Kruger, Olfa Breuning, Rodney Graham, Luc Delahaye, Nan Goldin, Martin Parr and Thomas Ruff.


Mirrored / Maslen & Mehra

Downtown Halifax, in the Ferry Terminal on 6 backlit billboards

As a prominent component of the curatorial programming CONTACT annually presents public installations of photography in high profile spaces throughout Toronto. Over the years CONTACT have created several site-specific installations presented on billboards, attached is documentation of these and other selected projects, which demonstrate the great effect large format photographic images have in the public domain. CONTACT are very pleased to announce that this public installation program is extending to five cities in Canada this year, coast to coast, from Vancouver to Halifax throughout the month of May.

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