Equestrienne Remix Album Coming 2011!

Good news!  well there are a couple of good things to say today, I finally came out of hospital last Monday much to my relief, what a roller coaster that was, still recovering from the effects of spending two weeks lying in  a bed in a very emotional journey. I have to take it very slow for the next few months to gain my strength as I am very weak and have lost a lot of weight and need to gain that all. don’t want to harp on about my illness and I want to have  much more positive post as the last few I think have been pretty bleak, so sorry for that everyone.

My big news is that The Equestrienne Remix album is almost done and will be released later on in the year through LA based label Architects and Heroes who are just the most amazing collective of musicians who are extremely passionate about what they do and have set this label to mainly release their own amazing music, they have been big supporters of Neotropic over the years and I feel extremely happy that they want to put the album out. No release date as of yet but I will keep you all posted.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me get well wishes over the last few weeks.


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