Fall is fast approaching

Its been a short summer, but filled with many events!
Two weeks ago, Neotropic played the Aeon Festival in Devon and has to be one of my favorite festivals this year. Not oversubscribed and just set in the most wonderful scenery. The music was very eclectic and what I liked most that a lot of the artists were local and gave them an opportunity to play alongside more established artists.
Our set was storming and although only the second in this lineup I can see a real change in the Neotropic sound, especially live…..I was likened to Shirley Bassey and Grace Slick so not bad for someone who has never really considered herself as a natural singer. I must also thank the great Fred and Ralf for their hard work being part of the Neotropic ship…those guys just rock and I feel in very safe hands playing alongside them.
Things are beginning to pick up and I have been working with the lovely Diana from Candythief on her new album which is just sublime as is all her work…over the next few weeks I will mixing some tracks from the album.
More to come in the following weeks…….

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