August Ends

so are we are looming ever closer to the new month of September, it always saddens me when Summer seems to be drawing to an end…
the evenings are shorter and dawn is a little later in her rising each day. So as I prepare myself of the dark evenings of Autumn which I do love as well with all that glorious colour of the changing leaves, I do feel a real sense of closure.
The last few weeks I have not been feeling to healthy and have had to lay low, but have been working on mixes for Candytheif and Ajah so hopefully these will bear good fruits in the coming months!
Next week I am heading off to the West Country to do a show at the Aeon Festival, looking forward to getting out of London and tasting some good clean country air.
As promised another picture from the vaults, and this feels kind of appropriate as I was at the opening of the new exhibition and book launch 20th Anniversary of Ninja Tune. A great night and was just wonderful to see so many friends of my time at Ninja, even living in this sprawling metropolis you never get the time to catch up with folk, so it is nice when an event like this brings us all together.

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